Conference Objectives

  • To promote the global development of mLearning
  • To stimulate critical debates on and research into theories, approaches, principles and applications of mLearning
  • To share local and international developments, experiences and lessons learned
  • To promote networking and business opportunity development
  • To encourage the study and implementation of mobile applications in teaching and learning
  • To stimulate and assist personal professional development and the development of new skills for educators
  • To provide a forum for education and knowledge transfer
  • To facilitate dialogue, sharing and networking between diverse cultures with regard to the optimum use of emerging technologies

Who should attend

This event brings together some of the leading researchers and practitioners in the field of mLearning. It also appeals to a wide range of audiences who are interested in enhancing learning with designing content and developing systems for mobile devices and wireless networks.

The list includes:

  • educators and researchers from all sectors
  • higher education institutions
  • training providers
  • industry practitioners
  • commercial companies and vendors
  • mobile device manufacturers and service providers
  • hardware and software developers
  • community and voluntary organisations
  • content developers
  • learning and skills councils
  • education authorities
  • government departments
  • telecom operators
  • publishers
  • all others with an interest in mobile and ambient learning.

About IAmLearn (International Association for Mobile Learning)

IAmLearn is the custodian of the mLearn conference series. It is a membership association which promotes excellence in research, development and application of mobile and contextual learning. The mLearn conference series has an established relationship with the official journal ofIAmLearn, the International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning (IJMBL). This is the leading journal in mobile learning, indexed in Scopus and PsycINFO and included in the ACM digitallibrary. Following the conference, presenters will have the opportunity to submit their papers to a special issue of IJMBL.

mLearn2021 is organised in collaboration with the Twinning SEIS project (European Union’s Horizon 2020 grant agreement No 856954)